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60 second financial quiz

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1. If you accumulate as many NET assets in the NEXT five years as you did in the LAST five years, are you going to be satisfied with your progress at that point?

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2. Is the difference between what you OWN and what you OWE getting WIDER, NARROWER or STAYING THE SAME?

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3. How many weeks of your typical month in retirement are FULLY funded by your current plans (based on date of retirement until end of projected life expectancy)?

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4. Does your current life insurance pay you immediately to stay at home on the diagnosis of a critical illness, or would you have to go to work while critically ill?

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5. How many of your children’s further education is going to be fully funded, based on your current financial plan?

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6. Do you draw the full compensation you are entitled to from your company to remunerate you for the second signature you gave to your bank as personal guarantees?

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7. For how long does your partnership agreement guarantee the salaries of directors in the event of serious illness or disability?

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8. Are your business partnership arrangements structured to leave your spouse with inflexible or unmarketable company shares instead of instead of ready cash in the event of your critical illness, disability or death?

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You may be considering help from a financial planner for a number of reasons, whether it’s deciding to buy a new home, planning for retirement or your children’s education, or simply not having the time or expertise to get your finances in order. Whatever your needs, working with a financial planner can be a helpful step in securing your own financial future.

Karen Mason, CFP, CLU, CHS will provide unbiased, personalized financial advice, solutions, and services that will assist you in achieving your individual goals, financial well being and fulfilling your retirement objectives.
Mason Financial does not represent any single life insurance company, investment firm, bank or trust company. Karen will search the market to find the best product to meet the individual needs of each client.

Mason Financial uses a comprehensive planning process that is designed to establish each client's priorities and implement strategies to meet their goals.

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      Phone: 250-642-0776
      Toll Free: 1-866-888-0557
      Address: 6689 Sooke Road, Sooke, BC, V9Z 0A5
      Mailing Address: PO Box 20001, RPO Sooke Centre,
      Sooke, BC, V9Z 1L6

      Email Karen: [email protected]

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